In this blog we’ll give you the rundown on what you’ll find in and on the intelligently designed, and luxurious Black Series HQ17 off-road caravan. A family hauler like no other, the HQ17 maximizes space sleeping up to five individuals. This allows you and your family the freedom to play and entertain by day, and comfortably rest at night.

The HQ17 caravan in the Californian Redwoods

HQ17 Exterior

Around the entire caravan

  • 4 x stabilizing legs: Two on each side
  • Red rock guard: Can be seen along the edges of the caravan which guards your unit when off-roading
  • LED bright flood lights: Located on the front, both sides and on the rear
  • Aluminum composite exterior with aluminum diamond plating for added strength
  • 2 x Outdoor Speakers

Underneath the HQ17 caravan

All Black Series models come with our custom suspension which consists of independent swing arms, dual shock absorbers on each arm, limiting chains and heavy duty springs. All of these features combined provide a super smooth ride and causes the least amount of damage to the body whilst off-roading, unlike other suspension systems. 

Black Series custom suspension on the HQ17 caravan

What you’ll find at the front of the HQ17 caravan

Along the front bottom portion of the HQ17 caravan you’ll see it’s specifically designed with downward sloping panels which act as a rock guard deflecting any rocks that may be kicked up by your tow vehicle’s back tires. This design ensures rocks are also directed away from the sides of the caravan, keeping it in pristine condition.

The exterior is made of a light weight aluminum composite that provides strength and rigidity. The bottom is covered with an aluminum diamond plate, utilizing a European cut for added strength and protection.

Front design of the HQ17 caravan with rock guard and aluminium diamond plates

There are two compartments:

  • Compartment #1: Is a propane cabinet. Please note this cannot be locked — this is a safety precaution to ensure the fire department can get immediate access in case of an emergency. This compartment is also well ventilated so any excess gas that is leaking can escape out the bottom.
  • Compartment #2: Can be used for storing two five gallon jerry cans. Please note this does not lock either.

The HQ17 comes with a heavy-duty off-road ARK XO Swing Away 10” jockey wheel with a 750KG capacity, which is 1653.47 pounds. To learn more about the jockey wheel, watch the video below.

Right next to the jockey wheel is the mechanical handbrake. As you set up camp, even if you have the hand brake activated, we always recommend to use one or two wheel chocks.

Next to the hand brake there are two two cables:

  • The seven pin: To run lights and signals 
  • A 50amp Anderson plug: This can be used for any of your accessories needs

We also have our heavy duty chains connected to the caravan with a shackle as well as the emergency breakaway cable brake for your trailer, which will stop the trailer from rolling should it disconnect from your vehicle whilst driving. 

The front set up of the HQ17 caravan including jockey wheel and mechanical hand brake

Lastly on the front is the poly block that allows directional adjustments for up and down as well as a full 360 degree rotation. 

What you’ll find on the entry side of the HQ17 caravan

There are three compartments:

  • Compartment #1 (towards the front): Is pass-through storage (i.e. can be accessed on both sides) which has a water level permanently fixed into the corner as well as a breaker box
  • Compartment #2 (towards the front): A big pull-out kitchen with sink, electric start three burner stove and the electric plug to power it
  • Compartment #3 (towards the rear): A fold down outdoor table which can be used as a utility table or to prep food. It has inbuilt drink holders and GFCI power plugs positioned above it including a 110v plug and a 12v lighter plug

HQ17 caravan pull out kitchen with sink and electric start three burner stove

Towards the top of the caravan, above the fold down table, there are two exterior speakers to enjoy some music whilst you’re sitting outside. Above the speakers and along the top of the caravan is an awning that can be rolled out, and above that is the exterior antenna for your radios.

Below the entry door is a fold out two-step set of stairs that gives access to the inside of the caravan. Next to the door is a motion sensor solar powered light which provides ambient lighting at night time and shines brighter when detects a person walking towards the door. The entry door is a tri lock security door with inbuilt flyscreen door that can be separated, this allows for more airflow into the caravan when you’ve set up camp for the night. 

What you’ll find on the back of the HQ17 caravan

  • 2 x full size 65/75/16 inch spare tires 
  • Dual pane windows
  • One 26Gal blackwater tank and one 26Gal greywater tank: To make things easier and to save time for when it comes to dumping discharge, we’ve placed a single connection to both tanks so they can be emptied simultaneously
  • 2 x rear recovery shackles

The single discharge connection for both black and gray tanks underneath the HQ17 caravan

What you’ll find on the road side of the HQ17 caravan

Starting from the rear end there is access to the blackwater tank, via a lockable cap. Further along are vents for the refrigerator. Below those is a 12v plug, which is a handy placement if you were to use a 12v pump and hose to access a water source to fill your water tanks.

Further down are the connections to two separate water tanks that have with their own pumps, and are not interconnected:

  • General polyurethane water tank: 50Gal capacity which is used for the shower, the toilet and sinks 
  • Triple filter system drinking water tank: 16Gal capacity providing filtered, clean water

There is a third connection just below the general water and drinking water connections which can be identified with a white cap and the words ‘City Water Connection’ above it. This connection allows you to collect drinking water from an RV park or from your home. 

Access points to the HQ17 caravan drinking water tank and general water tank as well as city water connection

Moving along is a lockable compartment that houses the exterior hot/cold shower. Next to the shower compartment is a heater vent for the 16,000 BTU heater that’s inside the caravan, underneath the bed. Further on is the 6Gal hot water tank which is run by propane with a  30amp connection just above it. 

HQ17 Interior 

What you’ll find on the inside of the HQ17 caravan

On the interior, next to the entry door are three large switches:

  • Top switches: Control all exterior lights
  • Middle switches: Control all internal lights
  • Bottom switch: Is a master that turns off and on all power to the caravan

All cabinets are made of Malaysian honeycomb timber, finished off with a durable high gloss timber veneer that really elevates the space the moment you step into it. All lights are powerful and energy efficient LEDs. 

In the ceiling there is a large skylight/vent which can be easily opened fully or partially allowing hot air to quickly escape the caravan. The skylight/vent comes with an inbuilt bug screen as well as a privacy screen. 

The HQ17 comes equipped with an efficient, multi cycle and economic air conditioner/heat pump that hangs down slightly from the 6 foot 3 inch high ceiling. The heat pump is a nifty little gadget that can be used as an alternative to the propane powered heater to take the chill out of the morning air. Please note the heat pump is not intended for prolonged use like the propane heater.

There are two speakers inside the HQ17 caravan, one in the back and one up the front near the queen bed.

A peek inside the HQ17 caravan

The Queen bed area

As you step in on the right you’ll see the queen-sized bed with surrounding storage including overhead cabinets, closets on each side and one cabinet underneath. There are touch point reading lights on each side as well as a ventilation fan in the middle of the wall above the bed, which aids in getting some airflow through the space. Under the bed is the propane powered 16,000 BTU heater which is designed to heat 900 square feet — this heater coupled with our R16 level insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling of the caravan means the space will become nice and toasty in cold weather climates. All cabinets are locked into position with button releases, which ensures nothing falls out whilst driving.

The Kitchen

To the right of the kitchen is: 

  • A 24 inch screen TV with DVD player
  • A thermostat for the 16,000 BTU heater 
  • A thermostat control for the silicon heat pad to prevent freezing on the general water tank

On the counter is a drinking water spigot as well as a 2-in-1 two burner stove and sink, complete with cover providing extra space for food prep or as a serving area. Above the stove is a slim twin fan and twin light range hood, and above that is a 6Gal microwave. Next to that is a 6cu. ft full RV size fridge/freezer which can fit all of your food and beverages for your weekend adventures. 

Above the fridge is the control center which has:

  • Displays on how much voltage, current, energy and power is being brought into the caravan and being utilized
  • Electric and propane water heater switches
  • Water gauges for drinking water, general water, gray and black tanks
  • 2 x pump switches 
  • All breakers (please note that we do not use fuses)

HQ17 caravan control center

The Wet bath

Through the double doors is the wet bath which consists of a corner sink and toilet. The sink faucet cleverly doubles as a retractable shower head and there are two racks on the wall to hang and store towels. You’ll also find a skylight and ceiling vent fan that helps to extract steam.

HQ17 caravan wet bath

The double bunk beds

Located at the rear of the caravan, each bunk bed comes equipped with: 

  • A comfortable memory foam mattress
  • TV and DVD player with USB ports in the TV
  • A long window with inbuilt bug screen and privacy screen 
  • Touch light 
  • 12v fan to help with airflow through the area
  • Pull across privacy screen 

Under the bottom bunk there’s also a pull out drawer which can be used for storage.

HQ17 caravan double bunk beds and entry to wet bath on right

The dining area

The dinette can be converted into a 5th bed in the HQ17. The seats are covered with premium black faux leather with our signature diamond stitch pattern. 

Under one of the dinette seats are four AGM batteries with a complete battery cutoff switch. These power all electronics and lights in the caravan with each battery supplying 100 amp hours, giving a total of 400 amp hours. Mounted on the roof are two 150 watt solar panels which provide a 300 watts of power to charge the AGM batteries.

Under the other dinette seat is the 2000W inverter which drives power to the microwave and TV. Be sure to leave the inverter switch in the ‘off’ position at all times. Using the satellite switch by the radio will turn your inverter on and off. Please note the “Power Saver Auto Switch” is for technician use only.

A peek inside the HQ17 caravan

Next to the satellite switch is a radio to control all of your speakers.

Along the top of the wall is more cabinetry that can be used for storage. Below those is another window with inbuilt bug screen and privacy screen, as well as a shade. On either side of the window you’ll find:

  • 1 x 12v DC lighter plug
  • 1 x USB plug with two ports 
  • 2 x electricity plugs 
  • 1 x touch light

If you’d like to learn more about the HQ17 and learn all the tricks and tips from our very own Jim Buck, we invite you to watch the full exterior and interior walkthrough video below.

Alternatively if you’re after the full list of specifications on the HQ17 caravan, click here.

If this blog has got you all excited about venturing off-road and you want to see the HQ17 caravan up close and personal, why not find one at your local dealer? Click the button below to find a dealer near you.

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