In this blog, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the HQ21 caravan. The HQ21 has been designed with game-changing features that house a perfect mixture of elegance, strength, comfort, and quality and is the perfect companion for your off-roading adventures.

The HQ21 caravan in Schabarum Park

HQ21 Exterior 


The HQ21 caravan has been built with the explorer in mind so they have the best experience outdoors. It’s exterior has been equipped with: 

  • 7 x Eurovision windows with fly screens and privacy shades 
  • 2 x Roof hatches with shades
  • 2 x Outdoor speakers
  • 2 x Separate compartments for your jerry cans, propane tanks, and any other items you might bring on your trip
  • An expanding compact awning 
  • Drop down outdoor step
  • Outdoor preparation bench 
  • 4 x Stabilizer legs (one on each corner)
  • 2 x 12 volt marine grade plugs 

The entire exterior is built with a welded aluminium frame to withstand any off-road trips.

The front of the HQ21 caravan

You’ll find downward angulations on the panels, as well as a reverse angle on the sides. These angles work as a rock guard to deflect any rocks, dirt or mud that you may encounter on your off-road journey. This helps direct the debris away from your towing vehicle to keep it in excellent condition.

Similar to other Black Series caravans, there are two front storage compartments:

  • Left compartment: Propane storage. This is built with holes in the flooring to exhaust any propane leak that may occur. 
  • Right compartment: Large enough to store two five-gallon jerry cans and a couple of additional items. 

Front compartment of the HQ21

Also at the front of the caravan is the articulating hitch and poly block which allows 70 degrees of rise, and 360 degrees of rotation. Next to the articulating hitch, this caravan also has its heavy-duty connector chains, and when hooked up in a crisscross pattern they will be able to catch the caravan if it ever drops.

Articulating hitch, including the jockey wheel on the HQ21

The frame is made from a hot-dipped galvanized steel which will give you the most strength you’ll need on your off-road adventures. On the side of this front frame area you’ll also find the ARK 750 XO swing away 10” jockey wheel. We go into full detail about this jockey wheel in the video below. 

To hook up the caravan to your towing vehicle, there are two cables:

  • 7-pin connector that will hook up to the running lights and turn signals
  • 50 amp Anderson plug. This is used for additional accessories such as a secondary solar panel.

Both these cables are wrapped around the mechanical break. This mechanical break is perfect for when you’re parking your caravan at your campsite and want to get disconnected without worrying about it rolling away. But once you’ve disconnected, don’t forget to put down some wheel chocks for extra safety and security! 

If for any reason the caravan gets away from you, there is an emergency breakaway cable. When this is broken it will activate the electric breaks thus stopping the trailer from rolling further away from you. 

The sides and top of the HQ21 Caravan

There’s nothing worse than having no light when you need it, but with the HQ21 there are floodlights surrounding the entire caravan to ensure you’re getting enough light when you need it most.

Aside from the two compartments on the front of the caravan, there are three additional storage compartments on the sides: 

  • Compartment #1 (near the front): This is a pass-through storage, and contains the accessories you may need for your trip. On one side of this compartment you’ll find its permanent water level that helps you ensure your caravan is level. On the other side is the breaker box. 
  • Compartment #2 (near the front): The slide-out kitchen. When opened up, this kitchen has a large prep table, a two-burner gas stove (with wind guards), and a sink.
  • Compartment #3 (near the back): A fold-out prep table. This can be used as a multipurpose table as there are two plugs sitting just above it. As well as cup holder spots to house your drinks. 
  • Compartment #4 (next to the water fills): The exterior shower. This little compartment contains the exterior shower, perfect when you want to rinse off after a day in the sand or mud.

To open and close compartments 1 and 2 is quite simple, just lift the latches and turn them a quarter to the left. And to lock it up just to do the reverse. Compartments 3 and 4 are unlocked and locked using a key. 

Looking above, on the top of the unit, the HQ21 has two hatches one near the front and one near the back. Both hatches combined with all the windows help cool down the unit and let out any hot air build-up. The large windows on the sides are also tinted and dual-paned, this prevents it from getting condensation on the inside of the glass.

Aerial view of the HQ21 showcasing the solar panels and ceiling hatches

Don’t forget to kick back outside! The HQ21 makes it easy to relax, whilst you’re sitting under the expandable awning you can listen to your favourite tunes via the two built-in speakers. 

The door on this caravan is the classic Black Series door. It has a vent on the bottom as well as a tri lock system. Another awesome feature about this door is that the screen door is separated from the door itself, this allows for more airflow into the caravan. To get into the caravan there is a motorized set of stairs that fold out, along with a porch light that is installed underneath the stairs to provide perfect visibility if you come back at night. 

On the other side of the caravan you’ll find the water tanks. From left to right you’ll find your black water tank, city water connector, drinking water tank, and general water tank. When you have your city water connected, the water used inside your caravan will bypass your general water supply and utilize this instead. The drinking water tank holds 16 gallons and has a triple filtration system as well as its own faucet to reduce any cross contamination of unfiltered water. The general water tank has a 63 gallon capacity, this tank is used for your shower, toilet, and sinks during your trip. 

Water fill system on the HQ21

Moving down the side you’ll see a heater vent for the heater that’s inside the caravan. Further on is the 6 gallon hot water tank, and just above that you’ll find the 30amp plug connection.

The rear of the HQ21 caravan

Rear view of the HQ21 caravan with its two full sized spare tires

Moving on to the back of the caravan you’ll find:

  • 2 x Full-sized 265/75/16 spare tires
  • 1 x Large dual-paned window
  • 1 x Receiver hitch (perfect to attach a bicycle rack too)
  • 2 x 9000-pound recovery hook

The reverse lights at the rear also light up to a bright light, perfect for backing up in the dark. 

Underneath the HQ21 caravan

Towards the front you’ll find the sewer connection. There’s also a grey handle which is connected to your 26 gallon grey water tank — this water comes from your sinks and showers. Next to it you’ll find a black handle which is linked to your 26 gallon black water tank that houses any soild waste

HQ21 sewer connection network

HQ 21 Interior


Modern wooden vinyl flooring and ultra-light weight Malaysian honeycomb timber was used throughout the HQ21 caravan, with a beautiful faux-leather diamond shaped pattern to accent certain parts of the interior to make it feel more luxurious and homey. 

In the interior of the HQ21 you’ll find: 

  • 1 x Queen sized bed 
  • 1 x  lounge bed 
  • Separate toilet and shower 
  • Large U shaped dinette style lounge area with an adjustable table
  • Large slim slide out pantry 
  • Dual-zone fridge and freezer

When looking at the ceiling there are two large skylight/vents which can be opened fully or partially. Both these skylights/vents have a built in bug screen and privacy vent that can be used depending on your needs. You’ll also find two speakers, one in the kitchen area and the second near the queen sized bed. In the middle of the unit you will find the air conditioner with multiple vents — but make sure when you’re using this that you’re plugged into a shore power or generator.

The dining area

HQ21 dinette area

The dining area is designed in a U-shaped dinette area, perfect for family time to play games or share meals, that can also be converted into a lounge bed when travelling with more people. The table installed is a pneumatic table that raises and lowers with a push of a button. 

Underneath the seats you will find the battery center. This houses 4 AGM batteries with 100amp hours a piece. Also stored in this area is the cutoff switch, some breakers for the inverter solar controller, and the control panel for your tow vehicle. The next storage contains the 2000 watt inverter which will help power appliances such as a coffee machine or microwave. In the final compartment underneath the seating area is a large storage space for you to pack any necessities you want to bring on your trip. 

In the overhead area, you’ll find more storage cabinets in addition to the radio, which is connected to the interior and exterior speakers. The satellite system resides next to the radio and is easily switched on and off with a click of a button. Moving around the dinette area you will also find the TV mounted on the wall next to a 12 volt cigarette style plug and a dual USB plug.  

The kitchen

Starting at the door near the kitchen area, you’ll find three main switches. From top to bottom the switches are as follows, 

  • The exterior flood lights
  • The interior lighting switches
  • The main power block

Underneath these switches there’s a GFCI plug, please note, this plug will only work if you’re connected to a generator. 

First thing you’ll see next to the switches on the counter is the water faucet for the drinking water. This also leads you to the sink, this sink comes with a cover so that when you’re not using it, you can close it up and get more counter space. Underneath in the cabinet space you’ll find the triple filtration system that the water runs through before getting to your cup. Next to this cabinet is the pull out to the pantry which is the perfect size to fit canned foods or spices.

Next to your sink is the 3 burner stove equipped with an electric starter. If you do decide to cook in your indoor kitchen, the fan and light are just above it. Below the stove you will also find a standard sized camper oven as well as a storage cabinet underneath it. There’s also a microwave, which requires the inverter to be on in order to use it. Once you’ve turned on the inverter, just wait for a beep and you’ll be good to go. Don’t forget to switch it off once you’re done using it.

HQ21 3 burner electric stove and oven

HQ21 3 burner electric stove and oven

Beside the microwave is where the control center is situated containing: 

  • All breakers
  • Valves for the water (drinking, general, and pumps)
  • Gauges for the water; displayed in percentages
  • 2 x Switches for the water heaters: The lighting bolt indicates if you’re using shore power or generator and the fire represents the usage of a propane tank
  • Displays on how much voltage, current, energy, and power is being brought in and used by the caravan

On the other side of the kitchen there’s a dual zone fridge and freezer. The control panel for this can be found in the freezer portion of the unit. Underneath the fridge are the hoses for your various water pumps. There’s also deep storage to the right of the refrigerator and underneath that is a multipurpose cabinet, although it’s labelled as a wardrobe it’s a great space to utilize however you choose. Below there are two drawers, the first one will contain your utensils and the other storage cabinet holds a mixing valve. 

Restroom and shower 

Inside the shower there’s a shower head, soap dispenser/holder and a towel rack. The shower door is accordion-style and is attached to a track on the floor to help keep the water in. On the ceiling there’s a vent fan with double switches as well as a puck light so you’re not showering in the dark. 

Across from the shower is the restroom. Inside here is a toilet and sink, and attached to the countertop there is another GFCI plug which will only work if you’re linked to a power source. Below that is the switch that activates the general water tank and keeps the water warm in colder climates.


Entering the bedroom area you’ll find a pocket door that gives you extra privacy. In the corner of the room is the second TV mounted on the wall. Around this room are several cabinet options along with the antenna switch that’s mounted on the ceiling. A smoke detector has also been installed for your safety incase of an emergency. The secondary ceiling hatch can also be found in this room.

HQ21 bedroom with a full sized queen bed

Next to the bed is a light switch that is at arms reach along with a plug that is connected to the inverter, just in case you want to charge your phone or other electronics. On either side of the bed there are also two little reading lights — perfect for evening reading. 

If you’d like to learn more about the HQ21 and learn all the tricks and tips from our very own Jim Buck, we invite you to watch the full exterior and interior walkthrough video below.


HQ21 Exterior Walkthrough

HQ21 Interior Walkthrough

Alternatively if you’re after the full list of specifications on the HQ21 caravan, click here.

So there you have it, a full run through of the HQ21 caravan. But no blog or video will give it true justice, we recommend you see it in person to really understand why this is our flagship caravan. How do you do that? Find one at your local dealer! Simply click the button below to find a dealer near you.

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