In this blog we’ll take you on a walkthrough of the incredibly spacious Classic Double off-road pop-up tent camper. This camper provides 89 square feet of living space, can sleep up to six adults, has a huge dining area and a massive adjacent annex that provides an additional 157 square feet of living space, so you can entertain a large group of guests whilst out on your adventures.


Classic Double Exterior

The tent

The Classic Double comes equipped with a highly durable, two tone grey canvas tent with double stitching throughout all stress points for added reinforcement as well as a rain guard, to keep you nice and dry when you’re out in the elements. 

Underneath the Classic Double 

A durable deadener undercoating has been sprayed along the entire length of the camper to give maximum protection whilst off-roading.

All Black Series camper models come with our custom suspension which consists of independent swing arms, dual shock absorbers on each arm, limiting chains and heavy duty springs. All of these features combined provide a super smooth ride and helps reduce damage to the body whilst off-roading, unlike other suspension systems. 

Black Series custom suspension on the Classic Double

There are 2 x 24Gal general water tanks mounted underneath, and both are protected with a bash guard to help keep them in one piece whilst off-roading. Both tanks also come with a ballcock valve, so water can be drained in the colder months when the camper is not in use.

Classic Double 24Gal water tank bash guard

What you’ll find on the entry side of the Classic Double

The entry door consists of a dual zipper with separate canvas cover and bug screen to allow air flow. Below the entry is a pull out stairwell that can be folded back in and out of the way whilst in transit. 

Further down towards the front of the camper is an exterior LED light followed by a set of compartments:

  • Compartment #1 contains the control center which has the following items:
    • Panel switches for the water pump, lights, secondary pump, camper plugs and fridge
    • Battery percentage and power displays
    • Water tanks displays
    • Breaker
    • 2 x 12V DC plugs

Classic Double pop-up tent camper control centre

  • Compartment #2 contains the slide out stainless steel full kitchen: This comes with a three burner electric start and gas-fed stove, gravity drain sink and two shelf dish rack. Next to this compartment is the gas connection for the stove.

Classic Double pop-up tent camper pull out kitchen with sink and three burner stove

Compartment #3 is a large storage locker with built in ventilation fan: This has shelving containing all the poles required to set up the annex, and a slide out drawer that can hold a large dometic dual zone refrigerator/freezer or esky, as well as a 12V plug to power the fridge.

On the inside of the compartment door there is the pole guide to assist with the entire camper set up including the awning and annex.


Classic Double pop-up tent camper pole guide

The camper comes with: 

  • 1 x Portable toilet/shower that can be set up near your campsite
  • 1x  Tire repair kit 
  • 1 x Air down kit
  • 1 x  Touch switch LED light that works off a 12V plug 
  • 1 x Fire extinguisher
  • 1 x 120w solar panels that will keep the 100ah deep cycle batteries charged when set up at camp
  • 2 x Full size all-terrain spare tires

What you’ll find at the front of the Classic Double pop-up tent camper

There’s a large black box containing:

  • 2 x Propane tanks
  • Compartment space for 2 x 5Gal jerry cans

The Classic Double comes with a heavy-duty off-road swing away 10” jockey wheel. To learn more about the jockey wheel, watch the video below.

Right next to the jockey wheel is the mechanical handbrake. As you set up camp, even if you have the hand brake activated, we always recommend to use one or two wheel chocks.

Next to the hand brake there are two two cables:

  • A seven pin: To run lights and signals 
  • A 50amp Anderson plug: This can be used for any of your accessories needs

We also have our heavy duty chains connected to the camper with a shackle as well as the emergency breakaway cable brake for your trailer, which will stop the trailer from rolling should it disconnect from your vehicle whilst driving. 

Lastly on the front is the poly block that allows directional adjustments for up and down as well as a full 360 degree rotation. 

What you’ll find on the passenger side of the Classic Double Pop-Up Tent Camper

  • Side access to 2 x batteries (main access can be found on the inside of the camper)
  • 2 x General water fill up connections, one for each water tank
  • 1 x spare storage compartment
  • The other side of the large storage compartment mentioned earlier with:
    • The opposite end of the pole storage 
    • 2 x Large pull out storage drawers 

Classic Double Interior

What you’ll find on the inside of the Classic Double Pop-Up Tent Camper

On the inside next to the entry door is:

  • 1 x HD Am/FM radio with bluetooth connection and antenna with 2 x speakers found inside the camper
  • An LED light to illuminate the entry
  • Three switches:
    • 1 x that turns on the radio 
    • 1 x that turns on the LED lights inside the camper
    • 1 x that turns on the LED light at the entry and the outside LED light on the side of the camper

Classic Double pop-up tent camper entry set up

Inside the camper there’s many hidden things that can be found under the dining area benches once the matts have been removed:

  • Towards the front end:
    •  Several small storage areas
  • On the road side:
    • 2 x  Deep Cycle AGM GEL batteries 100AH with 12V sockets with USB and equipped with a 50AMP Anderson plug
    • 1 x 1000 watt inverter 
    • 1 x Battery charger 
    • Additional storage
  • On the entry side:
    • More storage areas

On both ends of the campers are the beds that are approximately queen size, which come complete with an LED overhead bar light and three windows with in-built bug screens to increase air flow.

Once the dinning table is set up, the dining area can accommodate up to a staggering 10-12 people! The dining area can also be converted into a large bedding area as well, sleeping another two adults. The best part about this camper is even with the third bed set up, there’s still a dining area to relax in.

Classic Double pop-up tent camper set up

The Awning

For those wanting to really let nature into their camping experience, there is the option to roll most of the entry side wall up, and if you have the awning set up it provides a huge 9ft x 3ft space to enjoy.

The Annex

The annex enables the entire area under the awning to be enclosed, and includes a floor with a skirt to go along the side of the trailer. This is a great option for extended stays, creating an additional 157 square feet of space adjacent to the camper trailer — that’s a space that 9ft tall x 19.5ft long x 8ft wide. The annex comes with inbuilt windows as well as bug screens to allow for full airflow, and a door that can connect to a privacy room where the portable toilet and shower can be set up.


Classic Double awning and annex set up

To see what’s involved in setting up the Classic Double awning and annex, watch the video below. 

The overall length of the Classic Double is approximately 20ft. The height from the road to the top of the gear rack is 4’11” and the dry weight is 3,968 pounds.

If you’d like to learn more about all the features of the Classic Double from our very own Jim Buck, we invite you to watch the full walkthrough video below. Alternatively if you’re after the full list of specifications on the Classic Double pop-up tent camper, click here.

To learn how to set up the Classic Double camper, watch the video below.

Has the Classic Double got you dreaming about your next (or first!) camping adventure? If your answer is “hell yes!”, (and why wouldn’t it be? 😉), we encourage you to go check one out for yourself to make sure it’s the camper for you. Find your local dealer below, and let us know how you go!

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